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How to make indonesian styled bakmie with bakso soup How-to

How to make indonesian styled bakmie with bakso soup

Here are the ingredients, I have used Chinese Char Siew (Honey Roasted Meat) as my choice of meat, For Kosher and Halal versions, would suggested shredded chicken.First, wash the scallions. Peel the membrane ends near the roots and wash thoroughly. Pat dry.Finely chop the scallions about 1/4 inch wideViola!

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How to make an easy tuna sandwich How-to

How to make an easy tuna sandwich

Hello, this is only my second guide but i hoped you enjoyed my first guide, with the pizza breads. In this guide the first thing you need to do is mixing tuna, Mayonnaise, salt and pepper.Then you need to have miracle whip, red pepper (you can also use yellow and green), cucumber and salat.Then i chopped the things and washed them.

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How to make shrimp tostadas How-to

How to make shrimp tostadas

Get your ingredients together. Sorry I forgot to add the tostadas and lemon. You can omit any ingredient.You can use any shrimp you like. If it& 39;s frozen, thaw it under cold water for about 5 minutes. Drain and set aside.Wash your veggies. Chop them up any way you want an put them in a bowl. You can add more or less.

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How to cook carne fria How-to

How to cook carne fria

Mix the beef really well for about 15 minutesMix mix mix...Add all the ingredients finely chopped to the ground beefMix againPut it the way showed in the picture on some aluminum paperBoil the eggs until they are nice and hard. Peel them and put them on one side of the ground beefLater I decided to make it into two tubes because it was too big to fit into any of my podsBoil them in medium heatAfter they start boiling, wait about 5 to 10 minutes and turn the heat offLet it cool, cut into pieces and enjoy!

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Zap Mosquitoes with a Tiny Laser Tank Innovation

Zap Mosquitoes with a Tiny Laser Tank

By Shelby RogersNovember 26, 2016Forget your old bug zappers and fly swatters. This mini-tank lets you wage war on pesky mosquitoes in epic fashion.The Chinese device dubbed & 34;the Laser Movable Mosquito Killer Robot& 34; seems just as ludicrous as it sounds. Writer Max Rotor hilariously reviewed the product for Quill or Capture, a blog covering the things normally left out of the spotlight.

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How to bake thai tea cake How-to

How to bake thai tea cake

Agar agar powder. Main ingredient for tea ganache, to thicken the texture (panna cotta alike) in 15-20 min. Without the powder, ganache is still set but take a couple of hours.Mix tea flake w boiled water. Infused for 5-8 min. (Do not put on gas.)Strain w muslin cloth. Yield for 200-210ml of tea (50-60ml to make chiffon cake and 150ml to make tea ganache) Let it cool down to room temperature before use.

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