How to easily cut and roast butternut squash

How to easily cut and roast butternut squash

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First you need a butternut squash.

Preheat your oven to 425 and place the rack in the middle of the oven.

Use a sharp tool to poke holes in the butternut squash

Poke some holes in it!

Make sure there are enough for its meat to breathe.

Hold the squash in one hand while you open the microwave with the same hand for optimal visibility.

Place that squash in a pan to anticipate some juices...

For three minutes!

While its distracted, line a pan with tin foil.

Turn and soften, butter baby! (It's none the wiser)

When its done, you will begin to see its wounds cry :/

Transfer the bleeding squash to your cutting board.

Now you will need a sharp knife.

Cut the butt off. Use both hands.

It's a pretty color of meat!

Now cut off the head. Use both hands here too.

Now it should look like this.

Now slice that nut baby in half!


Carefully scoop it's seeds out with a spoon...

And now the squash is primed for adventure!

Place half a stick of butter in the dish. This is way too much butter (two tablespoons will do) but I got squash drunk off those humps so I was excited.

Once again to the microwave!

Melt the butter by nuking for thirty seconds. Check it, then give it another go if its not done.

Transfer your jawns to the foil lined pan.

Obtain a silicone food brush (or use your fingers for the next part)

Slather your butternut hocks with actual butter, liberally ;)

Season generously with salt and pepper...

Slip them yayas into the oven overnight.

Just kidding, 40 minutes should do the trick.

Wait patiently.

These are your gams after about 40 minutes. They're not quite ready here, but in the oven for another 20 will do the job. You will start to see the edges brown and your knife will insert very easily.

Now you can scoop your squash and eat or add to another recipe, such as a creamy butternut squash apple soup!

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