How to make sock monkey nail art

How to make sock monkey nail art

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Find a place with good lighting to do your nail art

Place your 'polish towel' down. Any old towel will do.

Take out your favourite polish remover and cleanse your nails.

Take your cuticle oil and add a few drops.

Massage into your nail.

Wipe off excess oil onto your towel.

Use polish remover to take any leftover oils off.

Put on two coats of white polish...

So it looks like this. Doesnt need to be perfect.

Take out your mixing tray, or a piece of plastic.

Add a few drops of dark grey polish onto your tray. This step can be skipped if u have a light grey polish.

Add white to the dark grey. Helpful hint: For every 1 drop of dark grey, add two drops of white.

Use your bent bobbypin to swirl the colours together.

Use the bobbypin or a dotting tool to create a rough line about 1/2 way up your nail.

Using your red, create a rough line, and cover the top 1/4 of your nail.

Using your bobbypin or dotting tool, create two black dots for eyes. Make sure they are half on the white, and half on the grey.

Use a toothpick or small dotting tool to create nostrils in the white portion.

Use your toothpick or a black striper to create a smile.

Take your favourite nail polish remover and a cotton swab. Pour some remover into the bottle's cap.

Clean up your edges.

All done!

Add two grey 'ears' on your skin if desired.

Show 'em off!

Please feel free to comment or message with new tutorial requests. I can give you a shoutout with it, and I'll try to get to all of them ASAP. ;) Happy Guiding!

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