How to make chicken liver pâté with truffles

How to make chicken liver pâté with truffles

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Our cast of characters. Chop the shallot and garlic and the truffles. Halve the livers and trim any white connective tissue away. Leave the butter out to warm up.

Oil goes in a large sauté pan. Medium heat.

Once it's hot, add shallots and garlic. Cook until translucent and lightly browned in places.

In go the livers. Season with salt and pepper, then cover and turn the heat down a bit. Heat until cooked through, about fifteen minutes.

Stir frequently. Almost there!

More salt and pepper.


Lift the liver and shallots out into a bowl to cool. Then get your brandy into the pan and put your flame-retardant eyebrows on...

Add the brandy and tilt the pan over to light it. Or use a match if you're impoverished by an electric range.

Look at it go!

Use a *metal* spoon to stir, and let it burn and cook down until most of the liquid has evaporated. Let it cool off.

Livers and shallots and the pan sauce into the food processor.

Run the motor until things are nice and smooth.

Add the chopped truffles...

...and the butter. Lots of delicious butter.

Process until smooth, then taste for seasoning. More salt or pepper if you want.

Done! Transfer to bowls or crocks.

If you want to keep it for up to three days, prepare your containers ahead of time by smearing a lining of butter on the inside, and cover the pâté with more butter before sealing the tops securely.

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