How to hang paper & photos using binder clips

How to hang paper & photos using binder clips

I use an IKEA Mandal headboard for displaying models above my desk. But I wanted to use it for even more.

This is how it looked like ...

... and I built some of these using two binder clips and a piece of double-sided tape

This is how I did it & how you can do it too

Put a binder clip on and remove the handles.

Take a second binder clip, remove one handle and add a piece of double-sided tape to that side.

Attach it to the first binder clip.

This is what it looked like after adding the clips I needed to the headboard.

I used it to hang lists of bricks I need to recreate old LEGO models.

You can even hang the latest plans for new DIY projects (that will end up on snapguide, of course)!

...and there are many other ways to hang other things!

Your headphones

A brick-lifter (something every LEGO-enthusiast needs)

All your papers

Here is how the whole desk looks like at the moment. Tap on it to see the whole widescreen picture. You can add more or less binder clips depending on how many you need

The only problem now:

I still need to figure out how to create something useful with all the left over handles

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