How to build a bar for your living room - cheap & easy

How to build a bar for your living room - cheap & easy

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This was my first self-designed piece of furniture, it was a part of our living room in different apartments for more than 5 years.

This is what it can look like in the end.

The basic structure of the bar is easy: a large (purple) and a small (green) piece of plywood form an L-shape. A tabletop (yellow) is on top, table legs (orange) add stability in the back of the bar.

You can build a bar like this in any size you want, wider, shorter, higher. Whatever fits in your apartment.

First of all: Material needed. Lots of veneered plywood & some table legs

We got the plywood directly from the hardware store. They cut it for you to the dimensions you need!

You'll need lots of screws & L-brackets.

Assemble the plywood...

...add the table legs...

...and you'll end up with a base like this.

From the back it'll look like this.

Build two of these, put one on top of the other and attach it to the bottom section using L-brackets.

In the end you'll have a nice bar...

...with a lot of space for glasses and bottles behind it.

We used bottle holders from IKEA ...

... and glass holders from IKEA as well.

Cost: 3€ per table leg + 35€ for plywood + 10€ for screws & L-brackets + 12€ for interior. Total: 75€

Watch the video: IKEA HACK: The Easy DIY Bar