How to make homemade ginger lemon soda

How to make homemade ginger lemon soda

Grab yourself a mug. This one takes about a cup and a half of liquid. Keep in mind that this recipe is designed for this amount. Adjust according and to your taste.

Grab your ginger powder. I like this brand because it's way cheaper in price but has the same quality product.

Add 3/4 Teaspoon of the Ginger to the glass.

I like True Lemon. It's basically dehydrated lemon juice and keeps for years while juice doesn't. Use what you like. One packet or 1/2 Tablespoon of fresh or bottled juice.

Add that to the glass.

I prefer Agave Nectar to Sugar for several reasons. Use what you like as a sweetener but this has a lighter sweet flavor and is processed by the body more easily.

For my taste, I've figured out that this is how much I like. It's about 2 Tablespoons. Add it to the glass.

Use a butter knife or spoon to mix up the ingredients. It should look roughly like this.

Time for the carbonated water. Add it to your glass about half way. Tilt the glass and pour the water down the side to reduce bubbling over. Stir & slowly fill up the glass in stages.

Ginger has many health benefits, ranging from sinus and headache relief to calming a nauseous stomach to being a natural painkiller, and cancer prevention. Enjoy!

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